Encouragement from another’s rejections

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Publishing lore is filled with tales of famous authors having their work rejected repeatedly by agents and publishers only to find long-lasting success and appreciation in the long run. I’ve shared many such stories with talented clients and friends disheartened by the arrival of a “thanks, but no thanks” response to their latest submission.

Today’s New York Times provides another example: Kurt Vonnegut. In describing plans for the Vonnegut Library that will open this fall there’s this:

“We have boxes of rejection letters,” Edie Vonnegut, the author’s oldest daughter, told The A.P., “letters saying ‘You have no talent and we suggest you give up writing.’ He did not have an easy time of it, and I think for anyone who wants to be a writer, it will be important for them to see how tough it was for him.”

Vonnegut Library to Open in the Fall