Lucas LLP serves clients who seek legal advice on a variety of matters, including:

Publishing law and related issues: We assist authors, artists, publishers, and other publishing professionals in matters related to:

» primary publishing agreements and licensing agreements for publication and for subsidiary rights, including:

» foreign-language rights;
» audio and audio-visual rights;
» electronic, online, and multimedia rights;
» dramatic performance rights (including motion picture, stage, and television rights);
» first-serial and second-serial rights;
» reprint rights, and rights for special or limited editions;
» copublishing agreements, both domestic and international; and
» merchandising agreements and arrangements

» agency agreements;
» collaboration agreements;
» work-made-for-hire agreements;
» permissions for text and illustrative material;
» interview releases;
» photographic releases;
» distribution agreements; and
» agreements related to self-published works.

As part of our work in this area we review existing contracts; advise clients on their negotiations or negotiate on our clients’ behalf; and prepare and revise contracts and related documents.

Copyright issues: We assist clients with copyright registration, assignments and transfers of copyright, copyright research, and related contract and licensing issues. We also assist clients in matters related to securing permission to use others’ copyrighted works and to granting such permissions.

Art law: We advise artists and other contributors to artwork on sales, consignment, licensing, display, and publication matters, and also work with purchasers and licensees of artwork on their acquisition of specific pieces of artwork and/or rights in artwork.

Business formation and development: We advise clients who wish to form businesses on their choice of entity (partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation), assist them in fulfilling the legal requirements to establish a business entity, and provide counsel and feedback on a variety of start-up and ongoing business issues.

Software development: We advise clients who develop, distribute, and sell software. In addition to providing guidance and assistance on the formation and funding of a software business and on product development and distribution, we work with clients who contribute to others’ software development projects as advisors and independent contractors. We also advise individuals and businesses on a range of contract and licensing matters including nondisclosure agreements, assignments of rights, and work-made-for-hire agreements.

Online publishing: Many of the services noted in the categories above are of concern to individuals and businesses involved in online publishing. We offer assistance in these matters and in others more specifically related to

» website development;
» website hosting;
» domain name acquisition and protection, and
» publication and protection of online content.

For information about how Lucas LLP can advise and assist you in these matters, please contact us.