Lucas LLP is dedicated to helping creative people and companies protect their interests and develop their opportunities.

We advise a varied group of clients on a range of issues and offer exceptional experience in matters of:

› publishing law and related business issues;
› literary representation;
› rights management and licensing;
› copyright registration, research, and management;
› business formation and development.

Lucas LLP represents sole proprietors, partners in shoestring startups, and established organizations that desire personal attention and a fresh perspective. Our clients include authors, artists, publishers, and other professionals who contribute to the publishing of books, journals, magazines, and websites; software designers and developers; sellers and buyers of art; consultants and companies who create, manage, and distribute creative works; and many others who seek advice on developing and managing their business and legal relationships.

We welcome your inquiry regarding our services and encourage you to review the information on this website for an overview of our practice.

A few words about this website:

News that’s of interest to us is almost always of interest to our clients, so we’re expanding the site and will be sharing news, resources, and general recommendations with greater frequency. Look for links to our latest posts in the “Recent Posts” section of the sidebar, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

More links to our regularly reviewed online resources are now available in the sidebar and will be updated periodically as we find new ones to share.

We state this elsewhere, but it bears repeating here, front and center: Information on this website does not constitute legal advice, nor does the viewing or other use of this site establish an attorney-client relationship or an agency relationship between the reader and Lucas LLP. Such relationships can be established only after entering into a written agreement with Lucas LLP.